Choose your preferred date and time for your guests (no later start than 6:30pm). The workshop is available 7 nights a week for private parties and any time on Saturday/Sunday, with the exception of scheduled private parties/public workshops.

Fundraisers: Min. is 25, max 40. $100 deposit to secure date. Please message us to learn more about projects, % back, etc.

Deposit: A $75 deposit is required to reserve the studio space for private parties. This ensures you have the space to yourself to enjoy the workshop for up to 3 hours! All deposits are refundable once the party minimums are met. Private Party current minimums are 10 Monday-Thursday and 12 Friday-Sunday, max will depend on project size. Saturday and Sunday private parties can be held 11am, 2pm and 6:30pm.

Project Options: Most adult projects range from $45-$90. Once deposit is finalize, you will go to our project gallery (subject to change) located on the website and select up to 3 projects for your group. 

Registration: Your guests will need to pay individually via your reservations link once created. Registration closes 3-5 days prior to your party in order to create your designs and build your projects.

Workshop: We provide all of the materials, tools, and step by step instruction!  All projects are raw wood and your guests customize everything in studio from choice of 10 stains and over 30 paints. 

Food/Drinks: We are BYOB for your drinks and you can bring in the food that you would like to enjoy during the party. You have the space up to 3 hours and we are handicap accessible. We also provide tables for food/drinks/raffles and have a water cooler, buffet area and wine openers for your convenience. Please bring in paper products, cups, etc needed for your event.

For more information and to check availability email us at info@hammerandstainsouthshore.com

We look forward to having you and creating memories together!

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